I offer 3D printing and modelling services, as well as graphic design.

Filament Spools Rainbow Diagonal
FDM Printing

FDM or Thermoplastic printing produces parts by layering cross-sections of molten plastics. The resulting parts have varying mechanical properties depending on the thermoplastic filament used.

FDM has a reputation for producing strong practical parts which can be used directly in projects.

- Strong Parts
- Small to Mid-Sized parts
- Range of plastics from rigid to flexible

- Potential for mold-making using part as source

MSLA Printing

MSLA (Stereolithography) is a printing process which produces high detail acrylate parts from liquid resin.

Stereolithography has traditionally had a reputation for producing brittle parts, however recent innovations in resin formulations have led to several engineering resins which mimic the properties of traditional materials such as ABS.

- Rigid Mid-Strength Parts
- Small maximum part size
- Outstanding detail
- Print can be used to create metal casting molds

Logo And Graphic Design

I also offer graphic design and logo creation services.

3D Services
3D Modelling Services

I offer a variety of 3D modelling services, whether you need a custom part or a multimedia asset. I offer services from product mockups, to CGI, to printable parts.

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